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No wonder why they call it the Mile High City!

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

There are definitely mile high views from the city center all the way to the Rocky Mountains. Denver is also home to some the best medicinal and recreational Cannabis dispensaries in the world. It was only right to see how high we can get..I mean... go.. We scheduled some tours to get some in depth knowledge of the growing process from seed to plant.

We were chauffeured throughout Denver in luxury 420 friendly transportation, where you can smoke, drink, eat, and enjoy. Our private driver was equipped with smoking devices, bottled water, and snacks.

It’s harvest time! We witnessed a true behind-the-scenes look at Euflora, one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities and explored it’s dispensary to discover what this amazing grow house is able to produce. We learned that good bud shouldn’t be judged solely by what it looks like but also what it smells like. The smell is different for every person. Get what appeals best to YOUR nostrils.

@euflora3d emphasizes the sense of smell and features over 6,000 sq ft of floor space that’s similar to shopping at an Apple store and allows you to smell before purchasing, learn the facts and medicinal aspects of each strain. The innovation is really cool and a friendly Euflora team member is there to help you find the best flower out there. Be sure to hit up @my420toursdenver for an amazing experience.

Accommodations :

If you are a true cannabis connoisseur, you want to be able to consume where you are relaxing. Thankfully, Denver has it all figured out and allow private residences/businesses to allow consumption in designated areas of the property. If you want the royal cannabis experience you need, i repeat need to stay at The Adagio Bud + Breakfast. Smoking is allowed on the first floor and outside areas only, however you can vape in bedrooms. The living room is fully equipped with dab, rig, bongs and many other devices I've never seen or heard of before.

Best part of waking up is with Bud + Breakfast on my cup. A complimentary wake+bake breakfast is served each morning between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM. Complimentary 4:20 happy hour appetizers is served nightly between 4:20 PM and 7:30 PM. Munchies are available all day long including 8:30 PM desert. Hotel also offers Infused Spa Services and discounts at local dispensaries.

This location is ALWAYS booked to capacity. If you want o stay here, its going to take some planning far in advance. Contact us to book your stay at the Bud +Breakfast.

Denver's Best Dispensaries

In our opinion, these are top 3 for overall experience, product and service.

Things to know before going to dispensaries in Denver:

- Must be 21 or older with valid government issued ID.

- Have cash or be prepared to get cash. Most have an ATM.

- You CANNOT consume at the dispensary. You must go to a private location ex: 420 friendly hotel/AirBNB/Social Club (Tetra Lounge, Loopr, see where to consume in Denver section below).

- Download the iphone & Android app " WeedMaps " to find dispensary locations on the fly.

Euflora 3D Cannabis Dispensary : As mentioned above, it's high tech with information tablets and sniff-able jars. You can also visit part of the on- site grow house.

Botanico -Rino Art District: The experience is a bit more intimate. There are private rooms that you will enter if you are purchasing flower. Most utensils and other items are sold out front.

High Level Health- There are many locations, and its more like your standard dispensary. Go in and get what you need.

Places to Consume in Denver

Most people think Denver is like Amsterdam. However, by Denver laws you cannot consume cannabis in public or the dispensary where you purchased it. We wondered where tourists smoke if 420 friendly hotels and residences are very limited and/or expensive..??? After researching more, we found Tetra Lounge, Denver’s premier social club and Loopr, cannabis friendly transportation.

Tetra9 requires an online membership registration BEFORE arriving. Once you are registered, go in and pay the $20/day membership fee, or select other member options. They have super chill indoor/ outdoor smoking areas equipped with electronic dab bars, pool table, lounge chairs, bean bag toss game, plus free beverages. IMPORTANT: You must BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis). They DO NOT SELL any cannabis or products.

Be sure to check them out if you need a place to blaze in Denver. They also have great hours, open during the day and late nights featuring yoga , puff -n-paint sessions, live music and many other events. We definitely scored when we found this gem! Follow them on instagram: ⏭ @tetralounge

Loopr is another place to consume and according to the Colorado Pot Guide,

"Pot party buses are like the “Magical Mystery Tour” of our time. They attract a wide range of riders – parents, business people, college students, senior citizens – all with an appetite for adventure and an eagerness to explore new things -- and smoke weed.Unlike the ride in the 1967 film, marijuana tour buses roll in style. With the interior of a high-end party bus complete with flat-screen TVs, crazy lighting, sociable seating arrangement and a boat-load of pot smoke, these buses are a great way to get you where you’re going, meet a few friends along the way and get really, really baked in the process." The bus will take you around to the best dispensaries and even have an on board movie night! Hop from hot-spot to hot-spot around downtown Denver with the launch of their cannabis-friendly Green line-the safest, smartest way to enjoy all of Denver's cannabis culture and more aboard the ultimate marijuana lounge. Read more, download the app and reserve your spot directly with Loopr.

For the Munchies

Now that you know where to get right, its time to satisfy your appetite!

Breakfast & Brunch:

We were out and about one morning and decided to grab coffee, a Bloody Mary and breakfast at Gallop Cafe. We heard it gets pretty crowed on most mornings if you want to dine in. Plan to post up and get some work done, relax or wander around and explore the neighborhood. There are shops, parks and dispensaries within walking distance.

Lunch: Ali Baba Grill Lebanese & Mediteranean Cruisine: Just take a look at these photos! Ok?! Enough said! The food was great, but what stood out most about this location were the huge portions. If you want to take a to-go box, that's fine, but many people didn't. When this happened the owner grabbed some boxes, packed up the food and walked down the street in search of homeless people to donate hot meals. She succeeded and served about 5 people just in the 45 minutes we were there! Most restaurants throw the remains away when it could make a perfectly good meal for someone that hasn't had one in a few days. That set the bar high and made us realize that with all that's going on in the world, people do still care about the well-being of others. Much love to Ali Baba Grill, I hope that's a process implemented at all locations!

Late Night Cravings:

Let's um....Bang Up To The Elephant! Wut-Wut! We were soooo happy to find this late night tropical paradise! We were greeted with donuts as our appetizer, then the drinks ! That's a great start, right?! We took a look over the late night menu and immediately ordered just about everything on there so we could share and try it all! Our server was energetic and very helpful in explaining the options. She was able to thoroughly describe her favorites and other recommendations. She even threw in a whole box of donuts to go! We love her long time!!! I know...we sold you on all these great remarks, but take a peek at all the ambiance and tasty food we had!

Things to do and see in Denver and Surrounding Areas:

Rino Art District : A distinctive area of north Denver that is inclusive of four historical neighborhoods: Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, Five Points and Cole. There are always curated art and craft beer events. We strolled through the streets and alleys of the @rinoartdistrict to view the mind-blowing murals. We immersed in the sights, sounds and tastes of Denver’s hottest hood. Be sure to head over to @thecrushwalls for more street art, also show some love & donate at Crush.Fund .

📍Lookout Mountain A foothill on the eastern flank of the Rocky Mountains is only a 30 minute drive from Denver city center and the perfect place to soak in some nature. We made the drive after lunch to enjoy the afternoon wandering around Lookout Mountain National Park . We heard the crowds were nonexistent during the week and it was the perfect time to get some unobstructed views and photos.

- If you are into biking, this is a great place to go.

- Catching the sunset here would be a perfect way to unwind from a long day.

Go explore all the mile high city has to offer!

Group Trip Coming Soon!!! Be sure to subscribe for updates, promos & coupons.

*Reminder - Apps to download in Denver*



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