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Chasing The Sun Part 1

One of the things we make time for during our travels is catching the sunset and sun rises. It’s something about waking up super early, (coffee in hand of course) and finding the best spot to catch the sun come up and brighten the day. And then how peaceful the world seems as the sun sets while you reflect on the days adventures. This post is to highlight some of our favorite sun spots around the world and give you some travel inspiration.

Window Seat - You can't get any closer to the sun than this when up in the air!

Amboseli National Park, Kenya - It was surreal being so close to the elephants in their natural habitat. There are no words... just watching them convene as a family for dinner under the sun was an experience of a lifetime.

Amsterdam, Netherlands- The architecture is what creates the skyline and a beautiful backdrop to watch the sun in the city center. Grab a seat along the canal with coffee or tea and watch the atmosphere change with the sun. Farther out in the countryside, the sun will rise and set off the windmills and open plains.

Cuba - The perfect place is from the penthouse with endless sea and city views.

Egypt has a rich variety of nature, historical and architecture scenery that provides for a kaleidoscopic sunset experience. I got goosebumps floating on the Nile River and the Dead Sea watching the sun set. It was a dream come true to visit the The Great Pyramids of Giza.

Iceland - You know it's real when they count the minutes of sunlight in a month. The month of February adds about 6 and a half minutes of daylight every day, as they end the month with a sunrise at 8:39am and a sunset at about 6:43pm. Giving a total of 10 hours and 3 minutes of daylight. Thus, Iceland gains about 3 hours of daylight in February alone! Its cold and icy majority of the year, but that's the best time to visit for me. We also were in search of the Northern lights, but we happened to land in Iceland's biggest snow storm in history. Visibility was very low and the sun only came out for short periods of time between storms. We spent the day fighting a snow storm on a 3 hr one way drive to The Secret Lagoon in Flúðir. We stopped many times due strong winds that felt as if they were going to blow our car off the side of a mountain... scary! Fighting the wind, snow and ice could change your mind quickly but we were determined to soak in the natural hot springs and get a glimpse of the sun that barely peeked out the entire 5 days on the ground! It was worth it! When the sun comes out, it is very bright, warm and almost hurts your eyes because you are so high up in the atmosphere.

Jamaica - Doctors Cave Beach is where people flock to catch the sunset. We are people! Totally enjoyed dinner on the beach with drinks, the perfect night! You can also hop on a sunset cruise along the pier. Our villa had a private beach and the perfect spot to relax early mornings and evenings. Just unbelievable sun-scapes here.

Contact us to start chasing the sun around the world. We offer payment options so you can start paying on your trip well in advance. Let's Go!


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