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Follow that dream...

Become a travel agent with PAPER • PLANES • PASSPORTS


  • Hands-on training from start to finish

  • Learn how to do your dream job with daily, weekly, monthly tasks and goals laid out for you
  • Minimal online courses - only take for compliancy

  • Accomplish in 1 year what it took me to learn in 3 years

  • Work alongside someone who has done it before

  • Learn on your own time

  • Earn commission for your personal travels

  • Business Fundamentals - Processes/Tasks/Automation

  • Travel Marketing 101- Get consistent clients without posting everyday online

  • Learn to host profitable retreats, make passive and semi-passive income

  • On the ground, hands-on travel experiences managing groups (domestic or international)- airfare not included

Let's travel the world for a living!

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