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About us:
We are a boutique travel agency offering a selection of unique experiences around the world. 
We've personally traveled to 5 continents, 60+ countries, and 47 United States and territories. 

We have a wide variety of packages catering to all kinds of interest - whether you're looking for unique cultures, great cuisine, a beach vacation, or all of the latter - we got you covered!

Our mission is to help you:

Explore Your Destination• Immerse In The Culture • Embrace New Experiences


We provide stress-free planning with a personal touch by experienced travelers.

Why is it Stress-Free???

  • We offer payment plans for our Guided Group Trips, airline tickets, group, and individual bookings.

  • Most of our Guided Group Trips trips overlap the weekend or national holidays to allow minimal time off from work or school.  

  • Each group trip is planned and accompanied by an experienced PAPER • PLANES • PASSPORTS staff member.

  • When you become a Global Citizen, get access to early-bird specials and flash sales.


Why get stuck doing all the leg work planning your vacation or group trip? Let experienced travelers handle it for you!


Embark on a new adventure with us! 

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