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Travel Agent Training & Hands-On Experiences

You will become a travel agent under Paper Planes & Passports Agency.

During this 10-month, hands-on training,  you will plan, market, book, and host 1 domestic and 1 international retreat. Small (under 15) and large groups (40+ attendees)


  • Travel Agent Basics- Online training to understand compliance/access to booking systems- Fast track knowledge for the best systems to use & why

  • Hands on training from the planning to execution- you will plan and co-host 1 domestic and 1 international retreat

  • Experience- Plan the trip/Market/Book Guests/Host retreat

  • On the ground procedures & protocols:Transportation/accommodations/meals/events/excursions

  • Learn to communicate effectively and with ease

  • Get repeat customers

  • Develop your niche and business model

  • Host profitable retreats

  • How to duplicate yourself

  • Build your website/clientele/social media content/additional revenue streams

  • COVID travel protocols and integrations



  • Hands on training from start to finish

  • Learn how to do your dream job with daily, weekly, monthly tasks and goals laid out for you

  • Accomplish in 1 year what it took me to learn in 3 years

  • Work alongside someone who has done it before.

  • Business Fundamentals - Processes/Tasks/Automation

  • Marketing 101

  • 2 on the ground, hands-on travel experiences managing a small and large group (40+ attendees) (domestic/international)- airfare not included

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