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The Travel Gods Have Answered Our Prayers!

We have been praying and searching for an easy and reliable source to finance airline tickets. Finally! The Travel Gods have answered and we are so excited to announce our partnered services with Layaway Tickets. We've done several surveys and found that airline ticket costs are one of the major issues for planning and reasons why some people say its hard to budget and travel internationally. I think we may have solved some problems. You can now book your entire trip stress free AND on a monthly budget. If you haven't heard all about it, read below.

PAPER • PLANES • PASSPORTS makes traveling stress free, How so?

We know how hard it is to take off work and pay for travel, so here is what we can do to help you overcome those obstacles:

  • Most trips overlap the weekend and/or national holidays to allow minimal time off from work or school.  

  • Each trip is planned and accompanied by an experienced PAPER • PLANES • PASSPORTS staff member to ensure the best vacation possible.

  • We offer payment plans for airline purchases via Layaway Tickets, continue reading.

  • We offer early bird specials that allow you to put down $375 to reserve any trip for limited periods of time.

  • Flash Sales are random and allow 15-30% off lodging for limited periods of time.

  • Our “4reignxchange” policy allows you to credit funds to any future trips.

Be sure to read our FAQ page for details.

May We Introduce The Source for Budget Airline Tickets!

WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL WITH LAYAWAY TICKETS? Secure your tickets now and make bi-weekly/monthly payments.

Book Now & Pay Later- Conveniently book tickets ahead of time.

Price Protection- Get tickets before airline prices go up.

No Credit Check- A down payment is all you need to secure your ticket.

Easy Steps

  1. Search & find a flight directly on

  2. Lock in your ticket! Click the Finance Button to pay the remaining balance in installments before your departure date.

  3. Be sure to type "PAPER • PLANES • PASSPORTS" in the referral line.

  4. Receive your e-ticket after your last payment.

Charges & Fees -

The best news is they are cheaper than using a high interest credit card that can cost you anywhere from 12% - 20%.

Charge a flat 10% financing fee!

And also a 25% down payment which goes toward your ticket(s) as a deposit.

Book your group trip with PAPER • PLANES • PASSPORTS and flights with Layaway Tickets and you are ready to travel this world on a complete budget!


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