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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

October 13-20


Kenya (7 days)

  • Nairobi-Navigate the hustle & bustle of this vibrant city center to enjoy the best street food and art

  • Ngong Hills-Day spent with the Maasai tribe and donate to locals

  • Overnight Safari-Embark on two game drives in two days at Amboseli National Park with all-inclusive lodging and views of Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Adventures in Kereita Forest-Archery/Zipline/biking & walking trails

Immerse In The Culture:

  • Connect with people outside the city limits and partake in traditions of the Maasai during a day spent in the beautiful Ngong Hills. Learn to make Maasai jewelry, discover the song and dance of the tribe, and support a local nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty -all in a days work!

  • Enjoy a traditional Kenyan dinner and vibe to the beats of live Swahili performances.

Embrace New People:

The people of Kenya are comprised of 42 ethnic groups or tribes, each with its own unique values, skills, language and cultural practices. Kenya's population consists of indigenous Kenyans (black), Europeans, Asians and Arabs. However, above all other traits, it is the hospitality, warmth, resilience and hard-working nature that make Kenyan people exceptional.


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