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Group Travel - The New Wave! Nobody really wants to travel alone...right? Why, when it can be this!

1. You always have someone to explore with.

Yes, you may travel there alone, but you wont be alone for all the fun! Traveling in a group means you can embrace together. That means learning and sharing with diverse groups of people. You may even do some fun & sneaky things that you wouldn't do if you were alone.

2. All the details are taken care of!

You can't beat that! Planning a vacation can be stressful, especially for international trips. The time zones/language barriers. Group trips already have itineraries built. All you have to do is pay your money, show up and have a great time!

3. You will reap the benefits of traveling with a group.

Whether it’s gaining VIP access before the museum doors open to partake in an exclusive breakfast in the Vatican gardens or private dinners in a chefs home, there’s no better way to gain exclusive access than by being on a group tour. And with a Tour Director handling the logistics of your itinerary, you’ll be sure to see the major sites (plus some one-of-a-kind hidden gems) while getting historical context as you go.

4. Free time.

When traveling with a group, you can have the the entire trip planned or pick the excursions and day trips that interest you the most. Each traveler is different and its good to have some down time built into the schedule.

5. Diversity is key to knowledge

Group travel brings different perspectives to the table. Most groups consist of solo travelers, couples and friends. Conversations are more interesting from various points of view.

6. New Friends

You will go home with new perspectives but most importantly, new friends! Sharing stories, photos and new inspirations is what its all about! Travels builds relationships all around the world.

Head over to our website and explore some new destinations and check out our hashtag #paperplanesandpassports on Instagram and Facebook for photos and videos of us in action!



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