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We are excited to announce our partnership with


Secure your flights now and make bi-weekly or monthly payments.

Easy Steps

1. Direct Search, Find and book a flight directly here!

2. Lock in your ticket. Click our Finance Button to pay the remaining balance in installments before your departure date. Be sure to type "PAPER PLANES PASSPORTS" in the referral field.

3. Receive your e-ticket after your last payment.

  • Charges/Fees - The best news is we’re cheaper than using a high interest credit card that can cost you anywhere from 12%-20%.

  • Charge a flat 10% financing fee!

  • 25% down payment which goes toward your ticket(s) as a deposit.


Contact us via chat (bottom right corner of screen) or contact us here. Subject: Layaway Tickets

Flight Information

If it’s your first time flying or you need some advice about your flight, simply contact me and I’ll help to make your air travel as comfortable and smooth as possible. You can also check out TSA’s website for current travel guidelines.

Tips for a Stress-Free Flight Experience:

  • When in doubt, arrive early

  1. Don't be that person running through the airport to catch their plane.  Factor in the time you’ll to arrive and check luggage. If renting a vehicle, think about the nearest gas station to airport, returning the rental and transporting to the departure terminal . 

  2. Don’t underestimate the time needed for connecting flights. With many large airports, you’ll need to consider the time it takes to navigate to your gate, use the bathroom and hopefully grab a snack.

  • Know the carry-on restrictions

Save time when going through security by keeping in mind these important requirements for carry-ons.

Also,  check the maximum carry-on luggage sizes–they vary based on the specific airline! 

  1. Ensure all of your liquids or gels are in 3 ounce or smaller containers (more than 3oz permitted in checked baggage).

  2. Place those containers in a 1 quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag.

  3. Place 1 bag only per traveler in the security bin for screening.

  • Track your flight

While no one wants to experience cancellations or delays, with weather conditions and unpredictable mechanical issues, it’s always a good idea to stay-up-to-date. Along with airline apps, we also recommend signing up for text notification to stay informed about your flight schedule.

  • Layers, layers, layers

Since you don’t know how warm or cold it will be on the plane, be sure to wear layers so you can effortlessly adjust to changing temperatures. A scarf can double as a blanket or even a pillow. Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to remove at security and secure enough to run in case of flight delays.



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