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Travel Tuesdays: Checking off #45 & #46 of 50 States!

This trip was planned very last minute. But when we hear about something we haven't experienced, we jump right on it! Doing some investigating was a must before making final plans as we were unfamiliar with this region. We needed to close out the day and take later flights, landing at approximately 1am. The nearest airport to our final destination, (Sumpter, OR) is about 1.5 hrs away and not the drive you want to do in the middle of the night. So this trip starts in Boise, Idaho.

Arrival: We rented a car and spent the night at a hotel near the Boise Airport to avoid a very dark drive through the mountains. We started early the next morning at Joe Momma's Breakfast Eatery in Eagle, ID. They run daily yummy specials like theses homemade lemon poppy seed pancakes with lemon infused syrup! The people and staff were super friendly. People genuinely wanted to know what brought us to the area.

We hopped on 84 West as Huntington Oregon was up next! We wanted to stop in an check out the first dispensary across state lines- 420ville: Photos are not allowed inside, but we will say that service and variety was top notch. If in the Boise/Ontario area, take the drive, you will be highly impressed! Next we headed to Baker City to check into our hotel. We made a few more stops to check out the area for lunch and dinner options.

Accommodations: Super 8, Baker City OR

Yes The Super 8! Again this was a last minute trip and most of the hotels and residences were already booked. Thankfully, we have a good friend in the area that went by to check it out for us before booking. We took her word and it was very clean with recent and modern updates. Including a heated pool, hot tub, free breakfast buffet and WIFI. The front desk and managers were also very helpful. It's the cleanest Super 8 we have ever seen and would stay there again.

It's a twisted, narrow yet scenic journey through the mountains to Sumpter Oregon. We made some pit stops to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest along the way. There really isn't much to do in this area, but if you love the outdoors, this is your heaven. Hiking, fishing and hunting are common activities amongst locals and visitors. It was peaceful to just hear nothing but the water from the Powder River rushing through the falls and the birds chirping. Next time we visit, we will have the proper gear to explore the outdoors better.

The Main Event:

We came for the food and festivities! The Sumpter Flea Market is one of the largest flea markets in the state of Oregon. In addition to the flea market, visitors can ride the Sumpter Valley Railroad, visit the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge, and explore the region's vast gold rush history at the Sumpter Municipal Museum, and Cracker Creek Mining museum.

Portia Mittons is the first African American Female Dispensary Owner in the state of Oregon. She invited us to come and learn more about her budding business at The Coughie Pot Dispensary in Sumter. Marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational use in Oregon. Marijuana has become the most popular drug in the world, and now eight states in the USA have voted to legalize its use recreationally with another 21 maintaining legal status for medical use.

As availability has increased over time, so have its forms of consumption other than smoking such as edibles, oils and creams. Many clients are older and have decided it's best for pain relief instead of prescription medication. We did more research and there are many pros to Marijuana than you may think according to . They argue that many other prescription drugs – Vicodin, OxyContin, Valium, Xanax and stimulant medications to name a few – are also highly habit forming and can lead to addition. Compared to the medications mentioned, proponents of medical marijuana argue that marijuana is much safer for the patient and less damaging to the body in the long run. Let's be real, have you heard of anyone that has ever died of a marijuana overdose???

We had the pleasure of meeting some really cool people that frequent The Coughie Pot and have nothing but great things to say about the business and the owners, we agree wholeheartedly. Be sure to visit if ever in the area, must be 21 + with valid government issued ID to enter.

After the flea market, we decided to take in some more nature. We visited the Mason Dam and Phillips lake located along the Powder River in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. The weather was perfect with clear blue skies, temperatures in the mid 70's. East Oregon is really a beautiful place to visit, we can't wait to go back again April 2019. Contact if you'd like to join us!


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